Why Yoast SEO Is A Must Have WordPress SEO Plugin for Your Website

Why Yoast SEO Is A Must Have WordPress SEO Plugin for Your Website

Is the Yoast WordPress SEO best amongst the WordPress plugins available today? If so, what are the reasons for the same? The purpose of this article is to find out about the popularly known all in one SEO WordPress plugin Yoast.

Before proceeding, some stats in connection with the Yoast SEO plugin,

  • No 1 WordPress plugin that happens to be the most downloaded one
  • Plugin download count over 40 million
  • Known to be the most popular WordPress SEO plugin

So, one thing is pretty clear from these stats; that Yoast serves to be the first SEO plugin which every WordPress user ought to be installing and using. This one plugin alone, deals with numerous aspects of your WordPress site SEO.

Going ahead, those who have already used Yoast recommend that in the event that you have been utilizing different plugins for sitemap, redirection and some of the other features, you can quit using them once you have switched to Yoast SEO. Now that we have agreed on the fact that Yoast happens to be the numerous WordPress SEO plugin for your website, let’s explore the reasons for the same.

  • Reasons behind Yoast being the top WordPress SEO plugin for your website:

Let’s have a look at some of the major ones,

  • Keyword optimization becomes easy:

Said to be the no. 1 reason why individuals use the Yoast SEO plugin. It is as a result of its capacity to help you easily and effectively optimize your content for your primary keyword. It doesn’t make a difference what keywords you are focusing on inside your blog’s content, Yoast SEO assists you to optimize your content easily.

It provides you with a “focus keyword”, and thus helps you with keyword optimization. A focus keyword is nothing but the “primary keyword” which you wish to rank for in popular search engines such as Google.

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  • Proper content structuring:

If your objective is that your content ought to rank, then more efforts is what you need to put in. You’ll have to come up with a site structure that Google and your visitors understand. In order to accomplish this, you should figure out which content is the most critical, and do internal linking in a proper manner. If the users are to be believed, Yoast does not let you down here: The premium version is known to have a useful internal linking tool and Yoast also provides site structure training that aides you in honing the skills for creating the best structure for your site.

    • Readability Check, Google Preview and updated in accordance with the latest Google Algorithms:

Wish to know how your blog pages or posts appear like on Google prior to they even begin showing up in Google search?

Yoast SEO facilitates a Google preview during content optimization, so that you can verify whether your content is appropriately optimized with the right length of the URL, Title, and the Meta description. The plugin likewise provides you with a readability score which assists you in finding out whether or not your content is easy to read.

The best thing is that the Yoast SEO plugin is updated every two weeks for the latest Google algorithms.

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    • Exclusive features included in the premium Yoast SEO version:

The Yoast SEO plugin additionally has on offer a premium version that consists of some selective and exclusive features.

So, in the event that you’re interested to know about the exclusive features that the Yoast SEO premium version brings along, following are the 3 features that give you the best ROI.

Redirect manager

With the help of the redirect manager from Yoast, one can without much difficulty redirect older URLs to newer ones, such that you won’t face a 404 Not Found pages error.

Suggestions on internal linking

Would you like to receive suggestions in connection with the internal links to rest of the pages inside your site as you continue to write your blog posts? Not a problem, as the Yoast SEO plugin offers you exactly that!   

Content insights

Wish to have quality and unique content that performs well? Yoast’s premium version demonstrates to you the 5 phrases or words that you can utilize the maximum inside your blog posts to verify in the event that they’re matching with your selected keywords, so that you can rank well on Google.


Reasons sufficient to go ahead with Yoast SEO? Install and start using!

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