Why Should You Clean And Service Your Bike On A Regular Basis?

Why Should You Clean  And Service Your Bike On A Regular Basis?

Don’t blame it on the manufacturer if you are having some issue with your Santa Cruz mountain bikes because of your negligence. It is your job to clean and maintain the bike you are using on a regular basis. Apart from saving your fuel bills, your Scott Cruz mountain bike is also increasing your fitness. When it is keeping you in your best shape, you should also keep it in the best shape. Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital. This can uncover some of the earliest signs of wear and tear.

Why Bike Servicing is so important?

Always carry out regular checks for the longevity, smooth and correct running and safety of your bike. Winter can affect both static and moving parts of the vehicle. And, when it is raining heavily, the wet conditions on the road can also take a toll on the metal parts of the bike. Make bike cleaning and maintenance the top priority if you are riding in muddy and sluggy conditions. Regular maintenance and servicing are important because of two major reasons including performance and safety. You can prevent any mechanical failure in your Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes and enjoy a safe ride.

When your bike is running smoothly, your 100% focus will be on your technique. The other reward of keeping bike tuned and serviced is motivation. A clean and well-maintained bike can be a great source of motivation. Improvements in the performance will help you in achieving your end goals faster. There is no cycling experience without a well-maintained bicycle. Consider it as important as your training or nutrition plan.

Why is cleaning bike important?

Although this is going to be long and laborious especially when you have one of those best Santa Cruz mountain bikes, you must clean your bicycle after a wet or muddy ride. Single speed bikes are easy to clean as compared to multi-speed bikes. Take pleasure in cleaning your bike. This will not only keep your bike sparkling clean, this will also increase the life of every component, deter excessive wear and keep your ride smooth and comfortable.

Find some great spray cleaners and wash your bike regularly after muddy rides. If you find that your bike needs an intense cleaning then you can use a degreasing spray. This will remove grease, grime and built-up oil. You need not to spend much to buy Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes specific brushes. Your regular cleaning brush cannot reach and clean crevices of the drive train. Avoid using any brush or cleaner that can cause scratches or any other damage to your bike.

It is not done once your bike is cleaned, you should prevent rust by drying it. After you have degreased some of the areas, lube these areas immediately. Do this to make sure that your bike is running smoothly. This will also prevent any deterioration of the moving part.

Always keep an eye on your bike. If it is making odd noises or you have noticed some other issue, it is time to clean and service the bike. Check the brakes, cables, shifters and other parts of the bike.

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