What will be the Trending technology in 2019?

What will be the Trending technology in 2019?

There may be several new technologies that can be born in the year 2019.

Here I am entering some technologies that I think it will be in trend HP A Good Brand .

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the place of artificial intelligence technology, the word for the past two decades has been PNAME COM FACEBOOK ORCA.

Air has developed several times in the last few years due to the powerful machine learning and deep learning algorithm.

All companies are focusing on reducing the power of AI because it is the only source of cutting edge or otherwise it takes no time to become unusual in technology like Nokia and BlackBerry.

AI’s power is too high and companies are more serious about it. There are tons of stories on the internet to transform and disarm many employees with AN-based systems.


Blachen is a distributed laser system. This is the technology behind the Bactoco or we can say back to all the Corpus currencies. Blockchain saves all transactions between any two parties in cryptographically safe blocks of data which is time sealed and mining through consent mechanisms. All blocks are connected to each other by a heheck pointer connected to the previous block.

Things Internet (IOT)

IOT devices are constantly connected to the Internet and we can find and collect remote data. From the data collection, we can monitor and analyze statistics and create efficient systems and increase productivity.

There are many predictions about any connected devices in the world. 30.7 billion IT devices for IHS market plans for 2020, and garners expect $ 20.8 billion (excluding smartphones, tablets and computers). Finally, the IDC hopes 28.1 billion (re-count, do not count these devices).

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the way to access joint computing power through the Internet. This is the availability of shared computing Internet storage, servers, databases, software, services, and many other.

Provides charge to cloud service providers such as cloud computing in Microsoft, Amazon, and Google to provide users with common resource services and usage. Due to the cloud, there is no need to establish a dedicated server or IT service from the company.

Big Data / Data Scientist

Like gold mining companies, companies need valuable insight and meaning from the large dial data that will generate every second.

These experts are called data scientists or big data scientists because they know to make meaningful and useful information for tax and technologies corporations so that they can improve their performance, productivity, conversion ratio and finally improve income.

Expected Reality (RR) / Virtual Reality (VR)

In virtual fact, with computer graphics, we make a real experience. The reality is shown in the virtual world.

On the other hand, the reality is the fact that the Virtual World has the authority or authority.

RPA: Robot Processing Automation

Simple automation of robot automation work automation, which is performed in organizations, is repeatedly simple.

As a name, robot specifies automation of process automation of the process that is repeated in nature. For example, by simultaneously collecting different parameters through customer identification cards, easy to fill the form can be done very efficiently and efficiently by the RPA.

The RPAAI and machine are based on learning, in which the software records human work flow and then prepares man to work as much as possible. It automatically learns deeply learning and processed by the algorithm learning machine in the fixed time.

RPA production and system performance, cycle time and performance will be improved.

Auto Driving (Robot Cars: ROS)

The only name comes in mind when you are Tesla to listen to an automated driver and if you do not know about Tesla, you are living in a deserted place.

Tisla performed more than stylish and traditional gas cars on the electric car. In every feature electric cars are more modern than traditional petrol cars.

With the development of AA, ML, processing forces and advanced sensors integrate automated driving electric cars.

All Tile Models have a complete auto-driving or self-driving feature. It is automatically runable without the driver’s guidance. With a maximum safety level than a human driver.

Intelligent apps

With the arrival of AN and ML, app acquired a new change in intelligence. Apps can now input from user and make changes to the app through user learning and improving user experience.

Application technology has been developed so that the collection and analysis of the data is done on the basis of real-time bases and products, they also have real-time data based on the analysis.

Chat boots are an example of intelligent apps because the user can interact with the app and feel that he is communicating with the human.

Cyber ​​security

Cybercurity experts work as a protector to protect data from hacking and slices of websites.

There is a huge demand for cybercredit professionals around the world and it is growing because hackers are becoming more technologically innovative and powerful.

Digital marketing

The Digital Marketing Domain is not new but I want to include because this domain will increase in the coming years and the main part of human civilization is the job and effect.

Internet marketing and platforms are used to communicate digital marketing with prospective users and follow them to buy products and services.

Most businesses and people are going online, digital marketing experts need space in place of technology.

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