Use These Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Visual Storytelling

Use These Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Visual Storytelling

The advantages of relying on visual storytelling are several. The need to convey and tell a story is essential for various reasons. It could be to explain an academic lesson to a group of students or it could be to exhibit your ideas or thoughts to others. However, are worlds alone effective for it? How about you merge words and visual together to bring forth an engaging yet interesting story form. That can be done through visual storytelling and the best part is that you do not even have to draw anything from scratch as the advancements in technology have made it easier for you. Here is what you can use for visual storytelling.

Adobe Spark  

Having featured as Apple App Store Editor’s choice, Adobe Slate is a slideshow creator that can also be used as an effectual storytelling app. Selects photos of your choice, whether it is for a visual story or an invitation letter and then add them to the app for further editing. You will be then asked to add details such as text, images, and colors to your selected photos. Once you have visually enhanced it, simply write the content you need for storytelling in the app itself. Adobe Slate can also make a great storytelling tool for young children. Hire a children’s book illustrator and use the images in the app to transform it into a visual story.


A free video editing app, WeVideo lets you create, edit and save videos in its cloud-based platform, however, the storage availability for the free version is 2G only and you can update it to get access to unlimited video uploads. Having the potential to become your on-the-go app for video editing, you can trim, edit, add captions and images into the content in a quick-paced manner. It might not have a comprehensive set of tools that professional editors would prefer but for a beginner level, it is a great app.

Puppet Pals

Just as the name suggests, Puppet Pals lets you make and edit your very own short length video or animation from scratch. You are asked to select from default character designs, templates and then you have to add them to the stage or background of your choice. Once done, tap the record button and your mini story video will be recorded and saved. This app lets you explore your creative abilities and you can edit the visual content in real-time with ease.

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

While whiteboard animations have gained great popularity but this interactive whiteboard app is designed to make you use your iPad as a whiteboard but more interactively. From recording audio files and the option to share your work, both adults and children for can use it for visual storytelling and academic purposes. This interface is easy-to-use so you do not have to go through comprehensive manuals to understand how it works. Its core features include voice-recording options, diverse brushes, colors and the option to import files and images from the storage medium of your choice.

30hands Starter

An app made for visual learning and storytelling, 30hands is without a doubt well suited for explaining different concepts, messages, and stories for individuals of every age group. You do not have to rely on paid tools for making a multimedia presentation as this app contains all the features you need for creating a presentation with less the effort. You can either publish your work on platforms of your choice or share it across the internet. You are also able to form short visual activities that you can share across a classroom for students to solve.

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