Facts about condensing oil boiler prices Ireland

Facts about condensing oil boiler prices Ireland

Acquiring warm water during winters is a necessity. And for doing that boilers are essential things to utilize. There are various types of boilers out there, but the latest one is condensing oil boilers. There are different size and models of condensing oil boilers. Depending on that the condensing oil boiler prices Ireland changes. Condensing oil boilers are of latest technology andare extremely efficient in boiling water in a huge quantity without wasting a lot of electricity.

The prices of condensing oil boilers are a varying issue. It may be affected by various governing factors like size, models, brand, and also the labor price may vary. A number of cautions are also required before installing new boilers viz. power flush of the heating system or using a magnetic filter for trapping sludges, dirt, and another kind of metallic pollution so that the boiler can run for a long time. The first one can cost a fortune of almost £400. It may vary from £300 to £500 depending on some factors.

As it is a condensing oil boiler we are discussing so, you will also require an oil storage tank if your previous boiler did not have any. The size of the tank rage from a moderate 1,000 liters to humongous 3,500 liters. A large oil storage space may cause you about £500, but keep in mind that it is necessary to buy an oil tank of the high-quality build. Double skinned tanks will cost more. There are some suppliers who can rent you a tank too, so, if you do not want to buy the said then just rent one. But keep in check the gauge of the oil so, that you can order the replacement in the right time.

Also, you may require a new radiator valve if it is not working properly with the new model. Try to get a smart radiator valve switch in that case. So, if you calculate, then the whole model can charge you up to £2,000 or more approximately. Now let us check some practical model’s price to get a clearer idea. For example –

  1. The model “Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II” which has the dimensions of 855 x 520 x 600 cost within a range of £2,100 to £2,500. It has an efficiency of 89%.
  2. The model of “Grant VortexBlue” with dimensions of 860 x 614 x 606 and 900 x 614 x 606 comes at a price range of £2,500 to £2,800. It has an efficiency of almost 90.81%.
  3. The model of “Firebird Enviromax Combi” of dimensions 845 x 665 x 605 may range from £1,600 to £2,200 with an efficiency of 90.7%.

The cost of installation and labor charge varies from supplier to supplier. It fluctuates with a great limit. To give you an estimate it a modify from £800 to £2,000 depending on the supplier policy. Based on these statistics, for installing a new oil condensing boiler, you can expect around £2,500 to £4,500 roughly. But the equivalent cut in the maintenance is so much worth instating it. So, try to get a number of quotes before installing the boiler to get the best condensing oil boiler prices in Ireland.

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