8 easiest tips for maintaining your garage door

8 easiest tips for maintaining your garage door

Your garage door is not only the largest door at your home but it is also the largest moving door. Moreover, a garage door keeps your vehicles from the buglers and keep them safe from the weather.

So now I guess it makes sense that why you should take care of your garage door as much as possible. Replacing one big part of a huge garage door is one thing but if you have to replace the entire door than it is one hell of a work.

Here are the tips that you can use to maintain your garage doors.

1. It is advised to keep your eyes and ears open

This is one of the basic and the easiest way in which you can take care of your garage door- stay alert. Make sure whenever you are opening or closing the door whether it is functioning smoothly or not.

This entire door should easily go up and down without any kind of jerking. You must ensure that it is perfectly symmetrical. No noise should be made by the door especially sounds like grinding or scraping.

  1. Tighten your hardware

A garage door is used many times so each times pressure is applied to those small parts in which the entire system relies on so that it can work properly. Therefore, there are lots of vibrations happening which can eventually loosen up everything starting from bolts to roller brackets.

If you have a socket wrench and a few minutes in your hand, you can easily tighten them up so that is works properly every-time without giving you any issue.

3. A test of the door balance

If your garage door is not well-balanced then there are high chances it is not working properly. If you don’t repair this imbalance and keep it as it is then it will become a bigger problem for you in the long run.

Your garage door can simply break down due to all the stress that is put on the opener. You must at regular interval check the balance of the door.

If you are thinking about how to do it? It is very easy, pull the cord that your door uses to release handle and then try to move the door halfway up manually. If your door does not stay at that position this means the balance is not there and you should call a professional immediately.

  1. Inspect and replace any broken rollers

Whether your roller is of nylon or steel it does not matter. You must inspect them at least twice a year to make sure whether they have worn down or become damaged.

However, you must replace that once in every seven years but if your garage room is used more than the usual usage time of others then you may need to replace the rollers sooner than the other.

You can easily replace it! Simply remove the brackets, slide the old rollers out and then again slide the new ones inside.

  1. Apply lubrication

In a year you just have to waste 10 minutes from your precious time to ensure that your garage is lubricated and working smoothly or not.

The storeroom in your home will definitely have the supplies that you will need. And, it is just some lubrication spray for the overhead springs and white lithium grease for your chain or for the crew that your opener uses.

  1. Inspect the cables

You must have high-tension cables that are used to lift the door, and you must definitely not mess with it. You can get seriously injured or even worse get killed if you for once also try to mess with it.

But, there is no harm if you try to check around the bottom roller bracket to ensure that whether they are still intact and working well or not. If you spot any kind of problem it is advisable that you call a professional rather than doing anything by yourself.

  1. Test your safety measures

It is very important that you keep checking the safety measures of your garage door. This means that you must stick something like a brick or a piece of wood on its threshold to make sure that the door will back up if at any point of time hits this material.

It is essential that a garage door must have a photocell component, if your garage door does not have it then it is quite old and it’s high time you must think about replacing it.

  1. Clear out the tracks

Your garage door tracks can be filled with different kinds of debris and other materials.

So, you can take out a little time from your busy schedule sometimes and spent in inspecting these tracks. Clean them even necessary.

If you have a car or any kind of vehicles you will need a garage that too with a door. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, you will get garage doors with buttons or opens with passwords.

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