Cyber-attacks have increased at an alarming rate in the last couple of years and if we were to gather the number of breaches and hackings in the last five years, we will be astounded by the sheer number of attacks made on the data of various companies. We can easily conclude that the hackers and attackers are behind more and more data.

The trend of hacking has evolved and taken on a more sophisticated and advanced form and threats that were, once, considered unlikely, have become a reality. Companies boasted of systems that could not be breached but the level of advancement in the hacking world has entered and breached even those systems that were safe and secured.

The need of the hour for the business community is to understand the need for high-level cyber security solutions that can stop cyber-attacks and keep company data safe and well guarded.

Experience in the cyber-security field has shown that the small businesses easily fall prey to cyber hacking and data stealing due to the technological advancement and unpreparedness to assimilate the threat by the small-time businesses. In this endeavor, the economy loses big time, in terms of money and valuable data that can cause them harm in the future, business-wise.

Well, there are five best ways that a company can save its data from being stolen over the cyberspace.

1.Securing the hardware

Most attention while planning to prevent cyber-attacks is given to the cyber security software, securing the hardware is often given a miss. Acquiring high grade and latest model of hardware is not enough; loss or stolen hardware can result in losing the crucial data. Securing your hardware is a must. Use complicated passwords that are difficult to decipher and recreate and inform only the device user of the password. Make it a point to memorize the password instead of jotting it down where the hacker lands his hand on.

Also, preventing laptops and other company devices from being stolen is another best way to prevent cyber-attacks. Most devices, today, come with the pre-installed ‘Find My Device’ application and activating this application on the entire company device will help the authorities in finding the stolen device easily.

Bear in mind that securing and safeguarding your hardware will be the first step towards preventing cyber-attacks.

2. Encrypting to ensure confidentiality of the files

In order to safeguard the crucial and valuable data, two things need to be kept in mind. One is to prevent hackers from accessing the data and two, in case, the data is stolen, to render it useless and meaningless. Encrypting your files is, definitely, the best way to ensure privacy and confidentiality of your company data. There are many methods of encryption but end-to-end encryption will ensure high level protection for your data.

With the technological advancement, every operating system is equipped with ‘full disk encryption’ program making it possible to encrypt data on the laptop or desktop even when it’s resting. Data encryption remains the safe bet against hacking till date.

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3. Focus on the security-based culture at the workplace

Educating and training employees on the possible cyber-attacks and threats can help in reducing the breach by a great deal.  According to a study, most company breaches occur when the employees use their personal devices for official work. The devices are vulnerable as they are unprotected and can be easily targeted by the hackers and cyber-criminals. It is crucial to educate the employees about how they can help in preventing cyber breaches.

4. Install robust antivirus software

Installing a robust antivirus software will help in protecting against various nefarious infections such as the Trojan horse programs, ransomware, botnets, and others. Investing in robust antivirus software and regular updates will help in safeguarding the company against cyber-attacks. Additionally, companies should install anti-ransomware as few antivirus software cannot stop ransomware from attacking as the tools are not equipped to prevent the ransomware attacks.

5. Backup

Your data is vulnerable to breach and hacking despite all your preventive measures and actions. Hackers may install ransomware in your systems and hold your data hostage and you need to pay huge sums of money to get back that data. This is the weakness on which the hackers feast and earn a good amount of money. You might lose your data due to other accidents like fire or flood. Backing up the crucial data will always help in keeping all the data safe and secured.

Safeguarding the company from any possible cyber-attacks can be done by simply working to securing your hardware, installing anti malware, antivirus and anti ransomware, backup, encryption and educating the employees. It is vital for the peace of mind and keeping the company from facing any financial losses.

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