4 Things That Slow Down Your Wifi Network

4 Things That Slow Down Your Wifi Network

As we are habitual in using almost all content online, so WiFi network plays a vital role in our lives. No matter whether you are posting Twitter updates, live streaming a movie on Netflix or reading articles on our blog, speed matters the most. Maybe you have installed Netgear WiFi extender setup in your home offering you fast speed.

No doubt it is quite simple to configure a device via Netgear genie setup, but even some minor flaws can make an impact on its performance. Users should be aware of such flaws. That’s why we have summed up 5 main things that can be a culprit in slowing down your WiFi speed. Let’s dive in.

  1. Wireless network range

In most of the home networks, almost every device is connected wirelessly. It means how you perform Netgear extender setup is a very important element that can affect the performance of your network. There are various factors to keep in mind for making sure you’re making the most out of your wireless network.

Range is the first and most evident factor. Technologies under IEEE 802.11 standard boast about the same range, i.e. 100-150 feet. Please note that signals become weaker as the distance increases. The longer the distance, the slower your wireless speed.

In order to overcome this range issue, you should set up an extender via mywifiext. WiFi repeaters or boosters work like a middleman and forward your network traffic to router or main access point.

  1. Substandard wired equipment

The potential of a network to broadcast a signal entirely depends on the reliability of its different parts. It includes network equipment which transfers packets of information to their destination. For this purpose, one has to connect fiber modem or DSL to one port.

In case you own an older router, then it has a slower processor which can hear over time due to higher heat levels. It can slow down the speed of WiFi connection.

Another main thing is wires through which data travels. However, if Ethernet cable you are using to make a connection between router and modem is broken, it will cause poor wireless performance.

To resolve this problem, it’s recommended you to update the main access point. Or else, opt for a new device. In case of cables, check for breaks and cuts in it. If there are any cuts, replace it with a new one.

  1. Wireless channel and band

The next point to consider is which wireless channel and band you are making use of. It may happen that your and the neighboring network are on the same band which can lead to poor connectivity. The band you are using is directly proportional to wireless standard. For example, if you are using 802.11a/ac/n, the frequency band will be 5GHz. In the same way, for 802.11b/g/n, it is 2.4GHz.

Every band is categorized into different channels that help in determining reductions in interference. Various routers choose a ‘quiet’ channel by default once you install and configure it. However, lots of people do not the channel and won’t change it.

To fix this problem, change the channel to higher one so that you can enjoy fast Internet speed.

  1. Wireless signal penetration

Another factor to take into consideration for mywifiext error is the wireless network penetration. There are a number of obstacles which a wireless signal has to cross. On the first floor, users get no signal in their home but fast connectivity on second floor. Do you know why?

It is so because your router is placed on second floor. So, when you try to get signals on the first floor, signals can’t reach you owing to obstructions in their path like metal appliances, walls, and related objects.

To get rid of this issue, place your router at a central location. However, remember that it should transmit signals perpendicularly.

Are you also fed up with slow WiFi network? Which tips you have tried to get fast Internet speed? Share them with us through comments box below. We will surely include them in our post.

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